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Posted Jun 20th, 2012

Study Says Breach Notifications Leave Customers Feeling Confused

By Corey Jackson, Edelman PR
PR Newswire
Posted June 4, 2012

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — A business’s ability to protect personal information and communicate the circumstances of a data breach can impact customer loyalty and an organization’s trustworthiness and reputation, according to a recent study by Experian Data Breach Resolution and the Ponemon Institute. In fact, according to more than 700 survey respondents, 72 percent of people who received notification of a data breach were dissatisfied with the communication and often felt the need for more information.

The Ponemon Institute conducted a similar study on data breach notification letters in 2005. At that time, only 12 percent of respondents said they had received letters informing them about a data breach involving their personal information. Seven years later, that number has increased to 25 percent. The reason for the increase is linked to the fact that 47 states have implemented data breach notification regulations, policies and guidelines that organizations must abide by once personal information has been lost or stolen…

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