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Posted Aug 13th, 2018

Urban Mining: It Pays To Help the Environment

With billions of people owning smartphones and other electronic gadgets, it’s not surprising that e-waste is one of the fastest growing threats to the environment. Any discarded product that is either battery- or electricity-operated is

Posted Aug 7th, 2018

Consumer Items Made From E-Waste Recycled Plastics May Pose Health Risks

Every year the world generates millions of tons of e-waste, which are electronic and electric equipment (EEE) that are trashed. This is a massive environmental problem brought on by the hyper consumption of laptops, smartphones,

Posted Jul 31st, 2018

3 Things You Didn’t Know About E Waste

The consumers who covet the latest models of their smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the very same ones who refuse to acknowledge the glaringly obvious problem that comes after their device reaches the end of

Posted Jul 24th, 2018

Program Teaches Special Ed Students a Trade in IT Security and Recycling

Article as seen in The Chantilly Connection and The Chantilly Patch: When Sergey “Lex” Schmitt, a senior at Chantilly High School, graduates in June he will transition to the area Davis Career Center to pursue

Posted Jul 9th, 2018

Apple Adds ‘Daisy’ To Its E-Waste Management Innovations

Apple is continuing its course to implement green processes in manufacturing and retail. As a symbolic move ahead of Earth Day, the tech giant launched Daisy, a new recycling robot that can disassemble iPhones to