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Posted Sep 25th, 2019

8 Common HIPAA Violations And How To Avoid Them

Professionals in the medical industry are all too familiar with HIPAA and the responsibilities it brings. Failure to follow HIPAA can result in fines, sanctions, and even loss of licenses. But even today, violations are

Posted Sep 11th, 2019

Support for Windows 7 is Nearing the End

Even though Windows 10 has been out for several years now, there are still a few holdouts clinging onto their Windows 7 install. But not for much longer.  Earlier this March, Microsoft announced that it

Posted Aug 8th, 2019

Sony: First Electronics Company to Sign EPA’s America Recycles Pledge

The America Recycles Pledge Last week, Sony Electronics Inc. became the first consumer electronics manufacturer to sign the Environmental Protection Agency’s America Recycles Pledge. The pledge asks signatories to continue addressing the United State’s recycling

Posted Jul 22nd, 2019

Data Protection Regulations and Opportunities You Should Know About

The biggest news in data protection in the last several years were the GDPR changes in the European Union. Those privacy updates gave consumers the right to know what data a company collects. Furthermore, it

Posted Jul 1st, 2019

SERI Makes Revision of R2 Certification Standard

Are you in the market looking for a good e-waste recycling partner? Or are you currently working with a partner and you think it’s time to renew your terms? Either way, here’s something you need