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Posted Nov 12th, 2018

Legacy Systems Pose Serious Risks to Healthcare IT Infrastructure Security

Every healthcare organization needs a secure and accessible Health IT infrastructure. As you embrace new digital technologies, including wireless networks, data warehouses, and electronic records, you need to ensure that your infrastructure can run smoothly

Posted Nov 7th, 2018

Securis Partners to Expand Training for Students with Disabilities

Securis is pleased to announce a partnership that allows us to expand job training for High School Students with disabilities as written in Washington DC Patch. We’ve expanded our partnership with ServiceSource Inc. to increase

Posted Oct 10th, 2018

The Rise of the Global Recycled Metal Market

Metal recycling has become an increasingly important factor in environmental as well as economic outcomes. After all, metal is a finite resource. Society lessens the demand for natural resources through recycling. In doing so, we

Posted Oct 2nd, 2018

25% of Data Breaches Are Caused by Human Error

In an increasingly digital world, you are becoming more and more susceptible to data breaches. Most of the time, you can prevent these threats by implementing advanced security programs. But despite such robust solutions, you

Posted Sep 25th, 2018

E-Waste Recycling Raises Concerns for Personal Data Security

The world produces 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste every year. However, we recycle only 12.5% of that shocking number. With the emergence of the digital revolution, matters have become worse in