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Posted Dec 15th, 2011

IT departments may lose control over responsibilities

By Ann Bednarz
December 2, 2011

Network World —IT budgets and responsibilities are moving out of the control of IT departments and into the hands of others, thanks to trends such as consumerization and cloud computing, Gartner says in its vision for 2012 and the coming years.

That means, to be successful, IT organizations will have to excel at relationship management and be adept at coordinating more widely distributed activities, according to Daryl Plummer, managing vice president and Gartner fellow.

“As users take more control of the devices they will use, business managers are taking more control of the budgets IT organizations have watched shift over the last few years,” Plummer said in a statement. “The IT organization of the future must coordinate those who have the money, those who deliver the services, those who secure the data, and those consumers who demand to set their own pace for use of IT.”

IT departments need to adapt now or be swept aside, Plummer warned.

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