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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Cox Communications & Securis Event

Cox Communications and Securis have partnered up to offer a special electronics recycling event in preparation of the Digital Television (DTV) Transition.  The event will also be a chance for anyone who has questions about DTV to come by Cox Communications in Herndon, VA and get more information.

The recycling event will take place on Saturday, January 17th, 2009 from 10am to 2pm in Herndon, VA. Come take advantage of this event and recycle your electronics for FREE!

To get more info on the event click here…..

A public service announcement was made about our special recycling event as well as how to handle the DTV Transition. This announcement is playing all over Cox cable. The PSA video was uploaded to YouTube, so please take a look at it here:



Check out our Cox Conserves Special Recycling Event page for more information…

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