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Health Care Security Breaches Expected to Grow in 2015

According to Experian’s second annual Data Breach Industry Forecast, healthcare organizations accounted for 42% of the major data breaches reported in 2014. “We expect this

The Crisis in Federal IT Asset Management

According to a February 2015 report from the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM), the federal government’s proposed $14billion cybersecurity budget for 2016

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Why Securis

134.5 million IT assets currently sit idle in the U.S., and a scant 18 percent of these are likely to be recycled or securely disposed of.

-Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

For years, IT asset disposal has been considered a logistical and operational challenge. However, due to the explosion of data breaches associated with lost, stolen or compromised enterprise data storage devices—plus the introduction of Federal IT security, environmental and industry regulations—IT asset disposal is now a full-fledged element of the global cybersecurity and data security challenge.

As such, the expectations and requirements of enterprises and government agencies regarding IT asset disposal must continue to shift.

  • No longer will any supplier with a truck and a shredder satisfy requirements for security and environmental responsibility.
  • Today, IT departments, business owners and operational and facilities personnel must ensure they are dealing with reputable, dependable firms with proven track records and a deep understanding of secure IT asset disposal and recycling.
  • The truly qualified firm will have invested in critical elements including the secure processes, logistics and facilities necessary to deliver end-to-end security through the entire chain of custody of every individual asset.

The Average Cost per Data Breach in the United States: $7.2 Million

Securis: 10 Years of Focus, Expertise and Commitment to Excellence

Securis has always understood the critical role of IT asset disposal in the data security equation—and has consistently led the market with innovations to improve physical and logical security, including on-site shredding, real-time auditing and reporting, video monitoring and recording, access controlled facilities.

Securis has designed its services around a rigorous set of criteria to ensure reputable, secure, dependable and convenient IT asset recycling and data destruction, including:

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