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Posted Aug 15th, 2017

E-Waste Transportation Control Is Vital to Safeguarding Your Business

At Securis, we’ve seen customers work with out-of-town competitors who offer extremely cheap rates, but who then move equipment and data across the entire country with no checks or audit trails to keep things secure

Posted Aug 4th, 2017

Don’t Let IoT Leak Your Data as Devices Fail or Are Replaced

The Internet of Things market is expected to rise from $170 billion this year to $561 billion by 2022, with millions and millions of new devices to be added to our lives. Smart appliances are

Posted Jun 20th, 2017

Accidental Data Loss Is Often Preventable, So Why Are You Still Risking It?

Not a week seems to go by without us hearing about yet another highly reputable institution losing control of their data or their customers’ information because they lack accountability measures and procedures. When a company,

Posted Jun 7th, 2017

Could Half of the Pacific Ocean’s Trash Get Picked Up by 2023?

We know there are floating islands made entirely of trash lurking in the ocean, leaking poison and plastics that kill fish unfortunate enough to swim too close. It’s thankfully time to update that knowledge with

Posted May 17th, 2017

Securis in the Community – JDRF One Walk

Securis believes in our community and the health of its citizens. Team members enjoy participating in an assortment of events to help raise funding and awareness for a variety of causes. Sales VP Daniel Mattock