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Posted May 17th, 2017

Securis in the Community – JDRF One Walk

Securis believes in our community and the health of its citizens. Team members enjoy participating in an assortment of events to help raise funding and awareness for a variety of causes. Sales VP Daniel Mattock

Posted May 10th, 2017

The Hidden Dangers of Storing Obsolete Data

Nearly every service you interact with online has lost or misplaced data at some point, and that creates a variety of different risks. For Google, it might be a series of lightning strikes in August

Posted Apr 27th, 2017

Could Easy Identity Theft Be Lurking in Your Copier?

It’s easy to forget about low-tech threats to your security and information that are lurking in your office. Today, we’re talking about your copier. And, the older it is, the bigger the risk. Making a

Posted Apr 6th, 2017

4 Ways Employee Background Checks Reduce Your Risk

Does your business have $4 million it can spare if your data is lost or stolen? That’s the average total cost of a data breach in 2015, coming in at $158 for each piece of

Posted Mar 22nd, 2017

Let’s Talk About America’s Electronic Waste Problem

Americans and their businesses wait for days, stand in long lines, and spend millions of dollars on new equipment every year, tossing out older models to make room. Normally we discuss the security issue that