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Acceptable Items & Fees

The following is a list of electronic items that Securis accepts at our monthly recycling event. In general, we accept just about anything that plugs in or uses power.


Answering Machines Air Conditioners (without coolant) All types of Cables UPS Batteries Camcorders CRTs Dishwashers Duplicators Dryers Ink / Toner Lab Equipment Laptops Laptop batteries LCD Monitors PDAs Printers Printed Circuit Board Plasma TVs Radios Telecom Equipment Televisions Telephones Testing Equipment Toasters Toner Cartridges
Cameras CDs/ DVDs Cell phones Compact Disc Players Computer Equipment DVD Players Electric Typewriters Electric Motors Electronic Gaming Systems Fax Machines Mainframe Equipment Microwave Ovens (without glass trays) Modems Motherboards Routers Scanners Smart Phones Speakers Stereo Components Transparency Makers Two-Way Radios UPS – Power Supplies VCRs Washing Machines
Computers Computer Speakers Copiers Cordless Telephones Cords Keyboards / Mice Hard Drives Household Electronics Home Appliances Hubs Monitors Networking Equipment Nintendo Game Systems Pagers PCI Cards Stereos Switches Tapes Tape Players Wii Game Systems Xbox Game Systems Word Processors Holiday lights Other Electronics

Items Not Accepted:

Alkaline batteries


Glass (We will accept Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) and TV’s)

Light bulbs (other than holiday lights)

Fire Detectors

Thermostats or other mercury containing devices

No item that contains Freon

Computer Recycling Fees Charged:

Monitors – $15.00 Each

Televisions, LCD TV’s and Plasmas – 19″ or Smaller $15.00 Each,  20″ to 30” $20.00 Each, 31″ to 50″ $25.00 Each, 51″ or Larger $30.00

Hard Drive, Cell Phone, and Tablet Shredding – $10.00 Each Hard Drive or Cell Phone (while you watch)

Flash Drives and Thumb Drive Shredding – $1.00 each (shredded at a later date, stored in a securely locked tote until destruction)

CD’s, Floppies, Tapes Shredded and Recycled – $1.00 per lbs

Note: No cash or checks, please. Accepting credit or debit cards only.